10 Things to do in Korea



The first time I went to Korea was Spring. My cousin and I checked the best airfare deal. Luckily, there’s a seat sale so we booked our RT ticket MNL-INCHEON-MNL.

We stayed somewhere near Namsan Tower. It’s a traditional Korean room where mattresses are on the floor and the toilet is shared with other guests. The room comes with free breakfast : bread, butter & jam, cup noodles, tea & coffee.

Here are some of the things we did in Korea :

1. Shopping- almost all train stations have coin locker station and almost all train stations have shops selling clothes, shoes, food, etc. If you want to buy make up, go to Myeongdong. There are so many shops to choose from. They have nice skin products, make ups, street food, international brands, etc. almost everything! At night, go to Dongdaemun, you could still shop there until 5am. Yes! Shop til you drop!

2. Visit Namsan tower- On your way up, you have 2 choices. to walk or to ride a cable car. It’s a nice place to watch the sunset.

3. Visit Gyeongbokgung- try to be there during the changing of guards.

4. Hanok Bukchon Village- there are lots of shops, cafes and restaurants in the area. You’ll be seeing a lot of traditional houses there.

5. Wear a Hanbok- we went to a cultural shop somewhere in Insadomg and they let us try a hanbok for free. Some shops will charge you for the hanbok rental while some shops offer it for free.

6. Party like there’s no tomorrow- Korea if colorful, energetic and bold. You’ll be seeing a lot of pubs, bars,chicken & beer etc. in almost every district. Try to party like a local. drink soju & beer, eat live octupus, eat street food, try korean food. Celebrate life!

7. Visit Nami Island.- Yes! it’ll be tiring since it’s a bit far from Seoul, but it’s definitely worth it.


8. Go to Everland and Lotteworld- visit the indoor ice skating place, visit the amusement park, ride the best rides and keep the child in you alive and happy.

9. Buy souvenirs

10. Go to a supermarket/grocery and buy local items.

Here’s a secret from our trip. My cousin and I loves shopping. Actually, the right term is buying grocery or food supply, home stuff like towels, pillow cover, duvet cover, etc.

So on the day of our flight, we got so carried away shopping for souvenirs and we didn’t noticed the time.

An hour before our flight, we went back to our hotel to get our luggages and asked them if they could book us a private car to Incheon Airport. The hotel personnel immediately booked us a ride to Incheon.

However,at the back of our mind, we knew that we won’t be able to take our flight.

The airport is far from the city plus it was so traffic that time because there was a rally that day.

So yes!we missed our flight and bought another ticket to Manila.

We had 2 choices : Get the first flight which is at 12nn the next day or go back to the city and get the last flight the next day. Guess what we choose?

un-oh! wrong guess! we didn’t choose the second option. We decided to take the first flight the next day and just stay at the airport.

So yeah! that’s what happened.



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